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Heated EyeLash Curler


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The Ariane Poole heated eyelash curler provides a lift and curl to die for and opens eyes like never before. Slim, lightweight and effective. 

The Ariane Poole heated eyelash curler provides a lift and curl to die for and is ideal to give as a gift and even better buy one for youself! Slim, lightweight and effective the Ariane Poole heated eyelash curler opens eyes like never before, is CE approved and completely safe. Simple to use instructions included. 


STEP ONE: Turn eyelash curler on; the red light turns on.

STEP TWO: Wait for the red strip in the centre of the curler to go white (approx. 45 seconds).

STEP THREE: Apply mascara and let it dry. Apply the head of the curler to the upper or lower eyelash.

STEP FOUR: Apply, Hold and Curl - Simple. 

Do I need to wear mascara? Yes - The Ariane Poole heated eyelash curler uses mascara to form the curl. The wand heats the mascara and the user manipulates the lash into the curl. It is not advisable to use without mascara, as the curl will not hold.

How long will the curls last? Used under normal conditions the curl will last until you take off your mascara, or re-apply.

Will the Ariane Poole heated eyelash curler damage the eyelashes? Used correctly, there is no pulling or clamping. The heated elements warms the mascara, which is coating the eyelashes.

How long does the battery last? When used correctly for approximately 3 minutes your battery should last 2 months. Only use manufacturers recommended battery type. And remember to turn the Ariane Poole heated eyelash curler OFF after use.

How will I know when the battery is low? The red ON light will start to flash, indicating that you have 15 minutes of battery life left.

How do I know when the Ariane Poole heated eyelash curler is ready for use?  On the back of the wand head is a red plastic strip. When this turns white the Ariane Poole heated eyelash curler is ready to use. This should take about 45 seconds.

What type of battery should I use? Use a 1.5-volt AA size battery, preferably a branded product. However, always have the battery + end facing outwards.

Can the wand get too hot? No, the wand has a protected guard to stop the element touching the skin.

How do I clean the Ariane Poole heated eyelash curler? the Ariane Poole heated eyelash curler comes with it's own brush for cleaning the wand; this must be done to maintain the effectivness of your product.

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Got The Lashes Of My Youth Back! Review by Carrie
In my younger years, I had thick, long lashes. As I have aged, it seems as though they have thinned and no matter how much mascara I put on, they still look unremarkable. When I got Ariane's Heated Eyelash Curler, I couldn't wait to try it. I put in a AA battery (easy) and turned it on. It heated up in a matter of seconds. I applied my mascara and then pressed the heated curler underneath my upper eyelashes at the base. I pressed in and held it there for for about 10 seconds. The mascara actually helps set the curl in place. When I looked in the mirror, I actually squealed out loud. My eyelashes were back, my eyes looked vibrant and my lashes looked thick and youthful again! I didn't realize how invisible they had become sticking straight out. My old manual eyelash curler hurt, never held a curl and sometimes pulled eyelashes out. Never again! I highly recommend Ariane's Heated Eyelash Curler. Genius!!! (Posted on 14/03/2017)

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