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Hello, Ariane, firstly I would like to thank you and Margaret for your great videos, I have Leeann so much, I would like to order the tinted face balm, not sure of the colour, fair or light, I have white hair, hazel eyes, cool skin tone, prone to redness on cheeks, quite sensitive skin, I have been using mineral makeup for a long time now (well known brand), but like the dewy look, can you advise me on the colour please, thank you again. from Linda Crisell 14. June 2018

Dear Linda

Thank you for saying you enjoy the videos. I love working with Margaret. I tend to think you will need the Fair shade as you mention the cool tone to your complexion. If you need extra coverage, you could go for a Customised Concealer Palette choosing 2 of the light shade and 1 medium.


Hi Ariane. I just bought some gel eye pencils and a lip pencil from your range. I am really pleased with them but I am not sure how to sharpen them. Your sharpener doesn’t appear to be available online although it is listed on your website. Is there a different make of sharpener which will work well on your pencils? from Sylvia 14. June 2018

You can use any brand of cosmetic pencil sharpener with the eye and lip pencils. Please make sure it is sharp as a blunt blade will tear the outer casing of the pencils. They are a standard size so should fit most regular sharpeners.


I his eyes just bought crystal taup eye shine and love it. I have sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes. Can you please suggest another colour in the range that would suit me. Thank you from Jenny Kilby 14. June 2018

I’m so thrilled you love the Crystal Taupe. The shades I can suggest is Topaz a lovely golden bronze or Amethyst which is slighter darker than Crystal Taupe and shot through with lavender tones. Use these in exactly the same way as your original Eye Shine.


I use your Ultimate Face Tint and it is food on my sixty mine year old skin however I saw you using a stick foundation/concealer in a YouTube video and wonder if that would be even better! from Jennie Walker 14. June 2018

I am delighted you love the Ultimate Face Tint. My new foundation stick has been getting some wonderful reviews from our customers. As ever, I’ve been a bit fussy. Traditionally, foundation sticks have been a little dry but these are lovely and creamy. It really depends on the coverage you like. As the sticks are buildable you can use all over or for extra coverage on any problematic areas.


How to use illuminating pen for puffy eyes on mature skin and what color. Thank you from Carol 14. June 2018

Puffy eyes! Now that’s a conundrum and so easy to get wrong! For the most part we are trying to enhance/highlight and for that I chose the light or soft pink in the Ariane Poole Mineral Illuminating Pen range. However, with puffiness you are not trying the highlight or enhance, the reverse is true. Therefore, you need a shade darker and I would use the concealer palette for this. You need to tap a shade darker than your natural skintone onto the area which is most pronounced. Please look out for my video which will be coming soon addressing this problem


Hi Ariane, Love your over 60 videos. I’m wondering do you sell your products in the USA? Can I order online and it can be delivered to the USA? Unsure what tinted foundation to use? do you ever do Skype chats: from Mary Guerrero 14. June 2018

I am thrilled that you love the videos, we love making them. We are delighted to say we ship worldwide, so you can complete your order online and we will send it to you in USA. The Ultimate Face Tint is pretty forgiving across skintones but as a rule. Fair is for skintones like Nicole Kidman, Light is for complexions like Kate Winslet, Medium is for complexions like Jennifer Aniston , Medium/Deep for skintones like Salma Hyeck and Deep if you have a skintone similar to  Halle Berry. I am currently looking into doing ‘Live Chats’ and trying to include customers from Australia and USA.


Hi Ariane…l have just “come across” l am seeking advice on how to look after my skin…and what products /and make up will be best for me to use now l am reaching 65yrs. I so enjoyed the relaxed video l watched explaining the products you use yourself and tips and hints on what to use/buy. I then watched your video on applying Day Time Makeup…once again…loved the slow …easy to take in …demonstration and explanation on what to use…and how to apply. So….l have then gone onto your own brand products site….searched for the products you used…Great explanations of what they are…and how to use…and what they contain. Now…my problem is…I have glaucoma…severe dry eye…..and blepharitis…so l am asking for advice/help you may have on how to what may work best for me around my eyes…which will not cause them more problems. Thank You Denise from Denise James 3. April 2018

I am so pleased to hear you love sixtyandme because I really enjoy working with Margaret. I’m a big fan of less is more and also sympathise with ‘dry eye’ sufferers as I have it too! My advice would be to use my Gel Pencil to give definition to your eyes. The great thing about these is you can smudge them use as eyeshadow too. You have about 30 seconds to soften them around your eyes before they ‘set’. Then they will not move for 8-12 hours. My Waterproof Mascara is perfect for dry eye sufferers as once again it stays put whilst giving lots of volume. As these products are so longwearing, you should invest in a hypo-allergenic oil-based eye make-up remover like Elemis White Flowers Eye and Lip Make-Up Remover. You could also try using Olive or Coconut Oil to remove makeup.


Hi Ariane I’m already using your ultimate face tint tinted but wanted to try mineral tint foundation. Would it possible if your could please send me a sample first as not ever tried a foundation first? from Sameera 5. March 2018

Hi Sameera

If you would like to let me have your address, I can arrange for a sample to be sent to you. What shade would you believe is your colour?



APC team

hi ariane, i just watched a great video w/you and a lady named margaret from 60 + me. i’ll be 50 in about a month, live in the US and am wondering if it’s possible to buy your products online or somewhere here? i look forward to trying some of the techniques you used in the video. thank you, tonja woodward =) from Tonja Woodward 2. March 2018

Hi Tonya, Thank you for your email. Happy Birthday for next month!! I

am so pleased that you liked our video. I love working with Margaret,

she is so lovely! You can buy products on line and we have prices in


Best wishes,

Ariane X

I struggle with sensitive skin,mild roseacea and broken capillaries around my nose and on my chin. I have watched your video showing how to reduce redness and would like to try the products. Do you sell samples or a “face kit” that I could purchase? I have had several bad reactions to make up and creams in the past so would prefer to try before I purchase. Many thanks from Frances Wallington 2. March 2018

Hi … Thank you for your email. Please send us your address and we

will send you some small samples of the Concealer.

Best wishes, Ariane


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