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Please can you put more of your brushes on the websit I have brought the blush and eyeliner brush they are great would love to see eyeshadow ones from Carolyn 23. October 2017

Hi Carolyn

Thank you for your email.

We are so pleased that you like the brushes you purchased.

We are working on getting more brushes. Watch this space.

Best wishes,

Ariane Poole Team

Ariane, can I order the chrylstal taupe eyeshadow ? I am from Holland from alice IJdo 18. October 2017

Dear Alice

Thanks you for your email and yes you can.
We ship all over the world every week and our website offers multiple currencies including Euro’s. To change currency, click on the GBP in the top right corner of any page on our website.
Hope that helps and look forward to hearing form you soon.
Kind regards

Is the mineral illuminating pen in soft pink no longer available or is it just out of stock? from Linda 5. October 2017

Dear Linda

They are currently out of stock but will back in stock next week.


Hi Ariane, Is the Timeless eyeshadow trio matte or shiny please 23. August 2017

Thank you for your question.
The Timeless Eye Shadow Trio is Matte.
Best wishes

I recently purchased Ultimate Face Tint in Medium Deep from QVC but it doesn’t look anything like the colour you showed on air. More Medium. It says Medium Deerp on tube. Could this be misnamed? Is it possible to have a sample of Medium Deep, please? from Penny Calderini 2. June 2017

Hi Penny

Of course we would be happy to send you a sample of the Med/Deep.

Please send us your address via

Best wishes


I have light skin with yellow undertones. Which Ultimate Face Tint would you suggest and which shade of Illuminating Pen should I use from Bonnie Mitchell 23. May 2017

Hi Bonnie,

If you could send me your address I will send you some samples of the Ultimate Face Tint.
You could be either the Fair Light or Medium depending on your skin’s Ph.

I’ll send you one of each to try.

Best wishes


What is best for large pores on my nose and chin please without being to heavy on the face from Phyllis benzie 23. May 2017

Hi Phyllis

We have a lovely Pore Perfecting Face Primer that you can use before you put on your foundation and you can also pat it on after your foundation as well (if needed).
The key is to pat it on not wipe it.

I hope this helps,

Best wishes


I have a concealer palette that I continually buy from you at qvc…. I haven’t needed one in quite a while but I’ve gone to repurchase and the palette no longer has a brush! Please tell me you still sell the palettes with a little brush inside? Thanks from Cath 23. April 2017

Hi Cath

Thanks for your message via Ask Ariane. We no longer sell the Concealer Palette with the applicator because it was not very popular however I spoke to Ariane and we can provide this for you. Please just go ahead and order it via our website and we’ll make sure your receive a Concealer with a brush.

Hi, Ariane, Which product offers the most coverage – the Mineral Tint Foundation or the Ultimate Face Tint? from Karen Haber 22. April 2017

Hi Karen

Our Mineral Tint Foundation is a heavier coverage than out Ultimate Face Tint and it also has a larger range of shades.

Ariane x

Ariane, I want to buy your Brow Balm but not sure which shade. I am a mature lady with blonde hair which used to be dark brunette in my younger days. My eyebrows are still reasonably dark but more sparse than they used to be. Thanks, Carol. from Carol Sanford 10. April 2017

Hi Carol,

Thank you for your question. The best shade of Brow Balm for you would be the Brunette. It’s the perfect shade not too dark but not too pale.
I hope this helps,
Best wishes,
Ariane x

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