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Hi Ariane I’m already using your ultimate face tint tinted but wanted to try mineral tint foundation. Would it possible if your could please send me a sample first as not ever tried a foundation first? from Sameera 5. March 2018

Hi Sameera

If you would like to let me have your address, I can arrange for a sample to be sent to you. What shade would you believe is your colour?



APC team

hi ariane, i just watched a great video w/you and a lady named margaret from 60 + me. i’ll be 50 in about a month, live in the US and am wondering if it’s possible to buy your products online or somewhere here? i look forward to trying some of the techniques you used in the video. thank you, tonja woodward =) from Tonja Woodward 2. March 2018

Hi Tonya, Thank you for your email. Happy Birthday for next month!! I

am so pleased that you liked our video. I love working with Margaret,

she is so lovely! You can buy products on line and we have prices in


Best wishes,

Ariane X

I struggle with sensitive skin,mild roseacea and broken capillaries around my nose and on my chin. I have watched your video showing how to reduce redness and would like to try the products. Do you sell samples or a “face kit” that I could purchase? I have had several bad reactions to make up and creams in the past so would prefer to try before I purchase. Many thanks from Frances Wallington 2. March 2018

Hi … Thank you for your email. Please send us your address and we

will send you some small samples of the Concealer.

Best wishes, Ariane


I couldn’t submit the question using the form on the page ‘would you like to see more age specific videos’. Hence my suggestion here: Would love to see 50+ videos. I have bright blue, but crepey, hooded eyes that slant slightly down. also how to make your nose appear smaller Thanks! Love the way you create makeup and suggestions for mature women! Ingrid from Ingrid 20. February 2018

Hi Ingrid

more videos planned for this year!

APC team

You mentioned your daughter uses carrot oil sometime, does she mix it with any other oil? Thank you from Margie Waldrop 20. February 2018

She mixes it with Sweet Almond Oil. But do NOT do this if you have a nut allergy.

Best wishes,

Ariane x

Hello! I love your personality my mom is from Norfolk! I’m 62 with marionette lines. I’m want you to tell me everything I need to start all your product regimen. Light to medium skin tone with highlighted blonde from Wendy hamilton 20. February 2018

Hi … Thank you for your question. It would be great if you could send me a picture of yourself. But to start with I would suggest the Ultimate Face Tint in either Light or Medium (if you would like I can send you a small sample of each to try). I would then use the Mineral Illuminating Pen in Light under your eyes and across (not down) your marionette lines. If you go to the website you will see me demonstrating how to use it. I would like to go into detail on how to do your eyes and cheeks but it would be better and more accurate if I had a picture of you. My go to Eye Product is the Crystal Taupe Eye Shine and the Baroque Gel Pencil. My go to Blush is the Mineral Blush in Rose Bud.

Best wishes,

Ariane x

Do you sell your products anywhere in the states? I, too, watched the video on makeup for older women (I’m 73) and would love the Riviera eyeshadow trio! But I think the currency difference plus international shipping would be prohibitive for me. from Tina 3. February 2018

Hi Tina

we do ship to the US and if you order over the equivalent of £50 the shipping is free.


Ariane Poole Team

Hi do you still stock your retextizing serum please from carole 3. February 2018

yes we do…

happy shopping

I have light blue eyes with green flecks in them . What color shadow would you recommend for a casual look? from Karan Roberts 29. January 2018

With your colouring I would choose the Amethyst Eye Shine. It will bring out your eye colour. You can apply a thin wash of colour for the daytime then add a bit more for the evening.  


I am looking for a couple of new eyeliners. I have green and brown. I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I thought maybe charcoal, navy or a purple would be good. What are your thoughts? Thank you from Linda 29. January 2018

The Charcoal, Navy and Purple would all look good. I have just introduced a coppery brown shade called Adorn which looks gorgeous on dark brown eyes.


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