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I have a concealer palette that I continually buy from you at qvc…. I haven’t needed one in quite a while but I’ve gone to repurchase and the palette no longer has a brush! Please tell me you still sell the palettes with a little brush inside? Thanks from Cath 23. April 2017

Hi Cath

Thanks for your message via Ask Ariane. We no longer sell the Concealer Palette with the applicator because it was not very popular however I spoke to Ariane and we can provide this for you. Please just go ahead and order it via our website and we’ll make sure your receive a Concealer with a brush.

Hi, Ariane, Which product offers the most coverage – the Mineral Tint Foundation or the Ultimate Face Tint? from Karen Haber 22. April 2017

Hi Karen

Our Mineral Tint Foundation is a heavier coverage than out Ultimate Face Tint and it also has a larger range of shades.

Ariane x

Ariane, I want to buy your Brow Balm but not sure which shade. I am a mature lady with blonde hair which used to be dark brunette in my younger days. My eyebrows are still reasonably dark but more sparse than they used to be. Thanks, Carol. from Carol Sanford 10. April 2017

Hi Carol,

Thank you for your question. The best shade of Brow Balm for you would be the Brunette. It’s the perfect shade not too dark but not too pale.
I hope this helps,
Best wishes,
Ariane x

Is there a cosmetic or cream that helps to minimise/conceal lines around the mouth? from Pauline 5. April 2017

Hi Pauline

Thank you for your question.
Our Mineral Illuminating Pen has a faux Botox Complex which helps minimise the appearance of lines around the mouth and eyes.
To give an even more smooth appearance you can apply our Firming Concentrate For Eyes around the mouth area before applying the Mineral Illuminating Pen.
I hope this helps,
Best wishes,
Ariane x

Hi Ariana-I’ve used s specific cleansing system I’m no longer satisfied with. Can you offer a recommendation or two? Thank you! from Julie High 20. March 2017

Hi Julie, Thank you for your question. I have been using Lulu Time Bomb skin care range and wow has it made a difference. Lulu’s range is available from QVC UK and from her website. The other one I really like is Liz Earle.

Hope this helps, Best wishes

Ariane x


Hi Ariane, oh I just LOVE your products!! I am 63, and had been on the product merry-go-round for about a year before I came across your videos! Well, being a boots and all person, I ordered UFT, concealer, retexturising primer, illuminating pen (just for starters) Just loving the products, I can’t believe that I have finally found things that work perfectly for me. Thank you so much. Can you help me with eye makeup please? 63, silver platinum hair, blue/gray eyes with gold “starburst” around pupil, and very deep set eyes (always had these) with beginning slight droop at corners. Lots of lid space visible when eyes open. I only know how I use to do eyes, which was light colour on lid, darker above crease to recess brow bone. I am nervous about trying the lid shines ( crepey lids) from Sandra 20. March 2017

Hi Sandra,

Thank you for your lovely message.
I can definitely help you with your eye makeup. Firstly don’t be concerned with using my Eye Shines. They are called Eye Shines because they make your eyes shine not because they are sparkly. I understand your nervousness in regards to shiny products of your eyes. There is a big difference between shimmer and frost. Shimmer (which are the Eye Shines) helps make the eyes appear more youthful not crepey while frost will make anyones eyelids look crepey. Unfortunately when magazines say shiny they usually mean frost but they don’t understand there is a difference. The reason I created the Eye Shines is because too much matte on the eye lids (as we get older) makes the eyelids look dry and older.
The colour of Eye Shine that I think would look great on you is the Cosmic. I think it will work for your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. Apply it to your eyelids then blend it slightly higher than your socket (crease) but not under the arch of your brows. Leave your brow bone bare. If you put any highlighter there it will cause your eyes to look even more deep set. Now there are 2 shades of Gel Pencil I would recommend: Voyage or Baroque. Run one of these shades along the base of your top lashes but STOP before you get to the end of your eye. About an 1/8 of an inch. By doing this you will help your eye look less droopy. I would then smudge the line to give it a soft look but you can leave it as it is if you want. I would also run the same pencil along the base of the lower lashes (under the lashes).  You can apply it either just to the centre of the eye (iris point to iris point when you look in the mirror) or all the way along depending on your preference. Finish with either black or navy mascara.
Did you know you can put your Mineral Illuminating Pen in Soft Pink on your eyelids? This really helps open up the eyes. You can even use it under the Eye Shines.
I hope this helps Sandra. Let me know how you get on, send me a picture 🙂
Best wishes,
Ariane x

Do you ship to Canada or where may I buy your products from Rosemary 18. March 2017

Dear Rosemary

Thank you for your question.

Yes we ship all over the world with free shipping on all orders over £50 and a low fixed price of £3.95 for orders under £50.

You can purchase from – if you create an account we’ll add you to our newsletter and let you know when we have special offer day (discounts) or free shipping days (generally no more than once a month).

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ariane x



Hi! I got the heated eyelash curler, retexturizing primer, gel lipliner pencil, makeup palette colour, luxury lip gloss and illuminating pen. I don’t have a question. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your years of knowledge so freely with us women of a certain age : ). Your videos are full of valuable information, yet the warmth of your personality combined with your depth of knowledge make your videos highly watchble and applicable. Cant wait to get my order! Carrie from Texas, USA. from Carrie Christensen 28. February 2017

Hi Carrie

Thanks so much for your message and order, we’ll get your order out ASAP.

I love making the video, I’m so pleased you have enjoyed them!

For anyone that doesn’t know, here is a link to our YouTube channel

Ariane x

.OH! wearing make up at sixty is difficult, please help. I have and olive skin my completion is good. I’ve always struggled with the right colors, for face,eyes, blush and lips. Now I have dark circles and bags under my eyes, I wear glasses. Of course fine lines around the mouth. Only wear tinted moisturizer but I think I need more. I’ve worn make up my whole life but now it seems more difficult than ever. I still work and I just want to look like the Best Me. Thank you so much for your expertise. from Roseann 27. February 2017

Hi Roseann,

Thank you for your question.
It would be really great if you could send me a picture of yourself. But in the meantime I know I can help you look like the best you.
My Mineral Illuminating Pen in Peach will work wonders on your dark circles and bags. I know this will work. If you go to the website you can see some videos that show exactly where you to put it for maximum effect.
As we age we lose pigment in our skin the same way as our hair turns grey but of course less obviously. This is why wearing makeup now is more difficult. Rather than wearing a tinted moisturizer you something a little more but not too heavy. I created my Ultimate Face Tint for that reason. It is light weight yet pigment rich. I would love to send you a sample or 2 to try, to make sure of the shade.
I have 2 shades of blush that would work on you. They are Mineral Blush in either Rose Bud or Flirt. As we get older we need a delicate hint of colour on our cheeks.
I would love to suggest eye shadow and lip colours but I would prefer to do that once I have seen your photo.
I look forward to seeing your picture and helping you look great.
Best wishes,
Ariane x

I’m 54 & recently been using beauty & the boutique,Helio Care plus concealer & liquid blush for no makeup look.Would like a little more cover but not foundation alsohhave a wedding in July would like to be more made up but don’t know how from Angela Marston 21. February 2017

Hi Angela and thank you for your question.
If you are looking for something with a little more coverage but not a foundation may I suggest our Ultimate Face Tint. I love this product because it gives coverage but still allows the skin to look real. If you would like to try it I can send you some sample shades. That way you can see and feel it on your skin.
Please send me your address.
If you are looking for makeup ideas for the wedding in July check out our videos. I have done 2 that I think would really be great for you. One is a day to evening for 40+ and the other is a day to evening for 50+.
Best wishes,
Ariane x

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